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    13 Ton Pick and Carry Boom Crane

    For tight spaces and heavy loads

    We have seen pick and carry boom cranes replace telehandlers on a number of construction sites where the versatility and lifting capacity of the pick and carry cranes are preferred.

    With a 13 Ton pick and carry crane, you have the lifting capacity and height capabilities of a crane truck, the maneuverability of a Telehandler and the cost of only one.

    The Broderson IC-200 is extremely popular because of day in day out performance and versatility. Precision controls and heavy-duty design to pick and carry heavy loads, coupled with the steering flexibility to maneuver in tight spaces, provide the versatile operating performance you come to expect from heavy duty Broderson Boom Cranes.

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    IC-200 Quick Specs
    Max Capacity13.6 tons
    Max Boom Length20.1 m
    Max Jib Length5 m
    Max Tip Height22.4 m
    Cargo Deck Area6 m2
    Cargo Deck Max Capacity7.7 tons
    Overall Length6.94 m
    Overall Width2.4 m
    Overall Height2.44 m
    Gross Vehicle Weight14.11 tons
    Max Travel Speed18 km/h
    Max Engine Power69 - 75 KW

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