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Terex Demag AC 60-3

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    60 Ton Mobile Crane

    For sale or rental

    The Demag AC 60-3 is an extremely reliabile, efficient and steady traveller. The Boom is 50 meters with an optional 16m jib and far outperforms all other cranes in its class.

    This enables it to take care of a large number of lifts without the need for a boom extension. The setup and transportation costs are much lower than all other 60 ton mobile cranes. The AC 60-3  maximum radius is also impressive at a solid 40 meters!

    If you need reliability, cost efficiency and versatility in your fleet or lifts, the Terex Demag AC60-3 is the crane that has been outperforming and is best in class.

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    AC-60/3 Quick Specs
    Max Capacity60 tons
    Max Boom Length50 m
    Max Jib Length16 m
    Max Tip Height66 m
    Overall Length10.43 m
    Overall Width2.55 m
    Overall Height3.66 m
    Gross Vehicle Weight36 tons
    Max Travel Speed85 km/h
    Max Engine Power260 KW

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