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Terex Quadstar 1065 Mobile Crane

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    65 Ton Rough Terrain Crane

    Very rugged heavy lifter

    Terex has made some of the Worlds finest rough terrain cranes and the 65 Ton Quadstar 1065 is no exception. The newer ranges are based on this heavy lifter which is designed to be around and lifting long after both you and I have left this world.

    Many rental fleets around the World prize their 65 ton low maintenance, hard working roiugh terrain cranes and often. the Terex cranes form the backbone of the fleet.

    The four section 32.4m boom, 20m jib and and max tip height of 35m make this 54 ton crane a really impressive crane.

    Take a look at the All Terrain 60 Ton crane from Terex

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    Quadstar 1065 Quick Specs
    Max Capacity65 tons
    Max Boom Length32.4 m
    Max Jib Length20 m
    Max Tip Height35 m
    Overall Length12.68 m
    Overall Width2.99 m
    Overall Height3.75 m
    Gross Vehicle Weight41.4 tons
    Max Travel Speed29 km/h
    Max Engine Power164 KW