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    35 Ton Rough Terrain Crane

    Low consumption mobile crane

    This is a very versatile 35 ton rough terrain crane with a maximum lift of 35 tons on a main boom max length of 30.5m. This Terex terrain crane has no standard jibs, it is a fast, hard worker that gets the lifts done quickly.

    As one of the new generation of Rough Terrain crane where operator comfort and ease of use are paramount,  the cab includes a deluxe operator seat, heater, cab lights, ergonomic crane controls, and sliding door access. All electronics are powered by a 24-volt electric system.

    The safety and comfort of rough terrain crane operators is essential when working in remote and often hostile environments. This rough terrain crane is a real asset to any crane fleet.

    Compare to the 30 Ton rough terrain crane

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    RT-35 Quick Specs
    Max Capacity35 tons
    Max Boom Length30.1 m
    Max Jib Length8 m
    Max Tip Height40.5 m
    Overall Length10.87 m
    Overall Width2.53 m
    Overall Height3.34 m
    Gross Vehicle Weight24.45 tons
    Max Travel Speed30 km/h
    Max Engine Power104 KW

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