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Broderson IC-20 Pick and Carry Crane

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    2 Ton pick and carry boom crane

    Exclusive rotating boom!

    This is Broderson’s smallest pick and carry crane with a 2.27 ton lifting capacity. Performance and reliability are features of the Broderson pick and carry boom cranes.

    The load deck is perfectly sized for the cranes lifting capacity. Operator fatigue is minimized with easy to operate direct mechanical to hydraulic controls, delivering smooth precise operation.

    The small turning circle and easy operation make this 2.27 ton pick and carry crane an essential part nof many constructrion sites. In some cases, the pick and carry crane replaces telehandlers

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    IC-20 Quick Stats
    Max Capacity2.27 tons
    Max Boom Length4.78 m
    Max Jib Length2.14 m
    Max Tip Height8.46 m
    Boom Rotation90°
    Cargo Deck Area1.77 m2
    Cargo Deck Max Capacity2.27 tons
    Length2.77 m
    Width1.22 m
    Height without Operator Guard1.68 m
    Height with Operator Guard2.3 m
    Turning Radius3.05 m
    Gross Vehicle Weight2.9 tons
    Max Travel Speed8.8 km/h
    Max Engine Power33 - 37 KW

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