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    Mobile Crane South Africa offers All Terrain Mobile Cranes that are designed with both smooth and rugged terrains in mind. All terrain cranes vary in lifting capacity from very small to 1200 Tons.

    For a quote on the Rental of any of our all terrain mobile cranes, please complete the form or send details of lift and location to

    MakeModelMax Capacity (tons)Max Boom Length (m)Max Jib Length (m)Max Tip Height (m)
    LiebherrLTM 1030-2.135301544
    Demag/TerexAC35 - Used40301544
    Demag/TerexAC 40/24030.41545.4
    Demag/TerexAC 40 City4031.21344.2
    LiebherrLTM 1040-2.140359.544
    TadanoATF 40G-24035.2945
    Demag/TerexAC 40/2L4037.4845.4
    Demag/TerexAC 45 City4531.21344.2
    LiebherrLTC 1050-3.150361348
    LiebherrLTM 1050-3.150381654
    TadanoATF 50G-350401657.5
    LiebherrLTM 1055-3.255401656
    Demag/TerexAC 55/3 | Challenger 31605550050
    Demag/TerexAC 60/360401658
    Demag/TerexAC 60L60441562
    LiebherrLTM 1060-3.160481663
    Demag/TerexChallenger 318060501666
    LiebherrLTM 1070-4.270501665
    TadanoATF 70G-47052.11669
    Demag/TerexAC 80-2805017.667.6
    LiebherrLTM 1090-4.290601676
    LiebherrLTM 1095-5.195582682
    Demag/TerexAC 100100501783.2
    Demag/TerexAC 100/4100501974
    TadanoATF 100G-410051.21871
    LiebherrLTM 1100-5.2100523384
    Demag/TerexAC 100/4L10059.41981.7
    LiebherrLTM 1100-4.2100603391
    TadanoATF 110G-51105230.184
    LiebherrLTM 1110-5.1110603391
    TadanoATF 130G-5130603293
    LiebherrLTM 1130-5.1130603391
    Demag/TerexAC 140140601793
    Demag/TerexAC 140 Compact140601993
    Demag/TerexAC 160-216063.91795.9
    TadanoATF 180G-51806037.299
    LiebherrLTM 1160-5.2180624099
    Demag/TerexAC 200-120067.817100
    LiebherrLTM 1200-5.12007236101
    TadanoATF 220G-52206837.2108
    LiebherrLTM 1230-5.12307543111
    LiebherrLTM 1250-5.12506050108
    Demag/TerexAC 250-12508036113.2
    LiebherrLTM 1300-6.23007870114
    Demag/TerexAC 350-63506472125.7
    LiebherrLTM 1350-6.13507078134
    TadanoATF 400G-64006076122
    LiebherrLTM 1400-7.14006084130
    LiebherrLTM 1450-8.14508584131
    Demag/TerexAC 500-85005690145.8
    LiebherrLTM 1500-8.15008491142
    Demag/TerexAC 700-97006090149.5
    LiebherrLTM 1650-8.17008091153
    LiebherrLTM 1750-9.17505291154
    Demag/TerexAC 10001200100126163.3
    LiebherrLTM 11200-9.11200100126188

    With the wide range of lifting challenges found in today’s demanding job sites, All-Terrain Cranes offer many options which enable the user to configure the crane for a specific application. In addition to the main boom, the All-Terrain Cranes can be equipped with a variety of jib configurations for optimising the lift and/or reach requirements.

    Mobile Crane South Africa offer Terex (legacy name DEMAG), Liebherr, and Tadano, All Terrain Cranes ranging from 35 tons to 1,200 tons capacity for sale, new or used and for rental.

    We  provide lowbed/abnormal transport and rigging services

    All Terrain Crane Hire

    All Terrain Crane Hire is offered both within in South Africa and on the African Continent. In some cases, our all terrain crane rentals are offered to Europe, Australia and New Zealand, in Particular for wind farm erection, where the availability of cranes with the height and lifting capacity are in short supply. A good example of this would be the Grove GTK 1100

    All Terrain cranes can be rented on a long term or short term basis, hourly, weekly and monthly. In most cases of short term rental, the rental would be a wet rate (including fuel), Insurance, operator, rigger, accommodation and slings unless these items are shown seperately on the quote.

    For longer term All terrain crane rental, the cost would generally be a dry rate (excluding fuel) and an insurance rate would be shown seperately. Operator and riggers would need to be accommodated by the site and may or may not include a living allowance.

    All Terrain Cranes For Sale

    There is a wide range of all terrain cranes for sale with financing options from short term to long term and rent to own finance avaiable. We are able to offer both new crane sales as well as used cranes for sale.

    Please send an email with your crane requirements to and we will ensure that your sales inquiry is dealt with speedily and efficiently.