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    Terex Mobile Cranes for Sale South Africa

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    Terex has long been a highly respected crane manufacturer, producing a range of mobile cranes as well as Tower Cranes since 1970. In 2002 Terex acquired the Demag Mobile Crane brand, and now both Terex and Demag are part of the global crane company Tadano.

    Mobile Crane South Africa offer Demag and Terex Mobile Cranes and OEM Terex Parts in South Africa. These brands are always innovating with new lifting technologies, making the lifting experience better, more efficient and more economical for your business.

    If you need to rent a Terex mobile crane or wish to buy a Terex mobile crane please get in contact with us for a fast and competitive quote. Mobile Crane South Africa offer a complete Service to Terex crane owners from Service and maintenance to Terex OEM crane spares.

    Terex All Terrain Cranes

    ModelMax Capacity (tons)Max Boom Length (m)Max Jib Length (m)Max Tip Height (m)
    AC35 - Used4030.41545.4
    AC 40/24030.41545.4
    AC 40 City4031.21344.2
    AC 40/2L4037.4845.4
    AC 45 City4531.21344.2
    AC 55/3 | Challenger 31605550050
    AC 60/360401658
    AC 60L60441562
    Challenger 318060501666
    AC 80-2805017.667.6
    AC 100100501783.2
    AC 100/4100501974
    AC 100/4L10059.41981.7
    AC 140140601793
    AC 140 Compact140601993
    AC 160-216063.91795.9
    AC 200-120067.817100
    AC 250-12508036113.2
    AC 350-63506472125.7
    AC 500-85005690145.8
    AC 700-97006090149.5
    AC 1000-91200100126163.3

    Terex Rough Terrain Cranes

    ModelMax Capacity (tons)Max Boom Length (m)Max Jib Length (m)Max Tip Height (m)
    RT 23027.228.613.143
    RT 230 XL27.230.513.144.8
    RT 353530.1840.5
    RT 454531.11433
    RT 45 L4537.4839.5
    RT 55550.133.610.134.8
    A 6006032.42035.3
    RC 606040.01542.5
    RT 67063.733.917.435.1
    Quadstar 10656532.42035
    RT 78072.638.417.440.8
    Quadstar 107575342037
    Quadstar 1075 L7542.11443
    RT 100905315.155.8
    Quadstar 110099.847.28.850
    RT 130118.347.221.650

    Terex Cranes for hire

    Demag and Terex Cranes include a wide range of both All Terrain and Rough Terrain mobile cranes. These mobile cranes are available for Hire and for sale, both new and used.

    The 100 Ton mobile crane is a very well utilised and very versatile crane which is routinely seen on contruction sites around South Africa and Africa, erecting Tower Cranes and lifting boilers or steel structures in place. The 100 Ton all terrain mobile crane from Terex makes it possible, whatecver “it”might be.

    The Terex AC500 is a 500 Ton mobile crane fort hire which is seen on wind farms all around South Africa. It’s exceptional, height, reach and lifting capacity make the Terex AC 500 ton mobile crane a game changer for the energy business. Wind farms are often servided by the 500 ton, 700 ton and 1200 ton mobile cranes.