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    Buyer’s Guide to purchasing a used mobile crane.

    Buying a used mobile crane is a significant investment, but with careful consideration and understanding, you can make a smart purchase that meets your specific needs. Mobile Cranes are extremely hardy pieces of equipment which have useful working lives in excess of 30 or even 40 years if properly maintained. Consider having a diesel mechanic accompany you on your visitation and inspection and consider having the hydraulics tested before you finalise your negotiation. Repairs and maintenance, or even complete refurbishment of both the body, mechanical, hydraulic systems and tyres is an option if the price is right.

    Mobile cranes work in extreme conditions that place extreme stress on their superstructure, hydraulic systems and components. It is for this reason it is extremely important to ensure that the used crane you buy has been maintained according to the maintenance schedules and items/parts replaced regularly.

    Reputable sellers of used cranes are most likely to be associated with a brand which means they are reputable. Brand owners like Tadano and Terex do not appoint distributors lightly. Big brands like Tadano and Terex have invested many Millions of Dollars in their businesses and require their distributors to adhere to a set of principles that uphold their brand.

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    Buying a used mobile crane


    Benefits of Purchasing a Used Mobile Crane

    Cost Savings

    One of the primary advantages of buying a used mobile crane in South Africa is cost savings. The USD/ZAR and EUR/ZAR exchange rate are continually under pressure making a new crane purchase extremely expensive. Most crane brands are located in Europe or the USA requiring payment in foreign exchange. Another advantage to buying a used crane in South Africa, and when negotiating with the seller, bare in mind what the exchange rates was in the year of manufacture. Used cranes are typically more affordable compared to new ones, allowing you to acquire the equipment you need within your budget.

    Immediate Availability

    Unlike ordering a new crane from a South African crane dealer which requires payment in forex & long waiting times, purchasing a used mobile crane means you can have the equipment available for immediate use, minimizing downtime and delays on your projects. The crane can be delivered to site and be performing it’s first lift within minutes.

    Performance tested

    Used cranes have a track record of performance in real-world conditions. It is always good to request information about the previous owners of the crane to understand the conditions it is likely to have worked in. If it worked on a mine near the ocean, check for rust for example. If it worked as part of a rental fleet, have the boom, ropes and hydraulics thoroughly tested. You can assess their reliability and suitability for your specific applications based on their past usage. And of course if the hours and age of the crane seem too good to be true, they probably are.

    Wide variety

    The used crane market offers a wide range of models, brands, and configurations to choose from, allowing you to find a crane that perfectly matches your requirements. As Tadano and Terex dealers, we are committed to delivering used mobile cranes that have gone through a thorough inspection before being put on the market. We offer used crane refurbishment services and in some cases refurbish the cranes before we sell them. Rest assured that our used cranes for sale are in great condition, ready to start lifting as soon as they get to site.

    Considerations When Purchasing a Used Crane

    Condition and Maintenance History

    Evaluate the condition of the crane and review its maintenance history to ensure it has been well-maintained and serviced regularly. Look for signs of wear and tear, structural integrity, and the condition of critical components. Eachj use crane has been thoroughly tested and would form of our own rental fleet if we had one. We are very proud of our long history in the crane industry and value our reputation above making a quick buck.

    Age and Usage

    Consider the age of the crane and the number of hours it has been in operation. While older cranes may be more affordable, they may require more frequent maintenance and repairs. Older cranes can also be very successfully refurbished by replacing worn parts with either OEM parts or reconditioned crane parts stripped from other used cranes in good condition.

    Lifting Capacity and Reach

    It is essential to test the hydraulic systems thoroughly to achieve the OEM reach and lifting capacity. This is essential for the safety of operators, ground staff and the site itself. Assess the lifting capacity and reach of the crane to ensure it meets the requirements of your projects. Consider factors such as maximum load capacity, boom length, and height under hook. Longer reaches are often achieved by using fly-jibs but not all cranes are designed for fly-jib attachment. Ask our knowledgeable staff about the capabilities of the crane you are considering.

    Manufacturer Reputation

    Research the reputation of the crane manufacturer and the specific model you’re considering. Choose a reputable manufacturer known for producing high-quality, reliable equipment and of course take into account the reputation of the company selling the used crane. A sales company that is an authorised distributor of a crane brand is a very good place to start. These companies are bound by service level agreements that require them to uphold the good names of the brands they represent.

    Inspection and Testing

    Before finalizing the purchase, conduct a thorough inspection and testing of the crane to check for any mechanical issues or defects. If possible, enlist the help of a qualified crane inspector or technician, a hydraulics technician is often a good person to have on your inspection team, along with a Diesel mechanic and a rigger who will be able to test the cranes functions. Although the boom and the lifting capacity is important, the functioning of the outriggers, remote controls and braking systems of the truck are just as important.

    Warranty and After-Sales Support

    Inquire about any warranty coverage or after-sales support offered by the seller. Having access to reliable support and spare parts can be essential for maintaining the crane’s performance over time. A used crane is a significant financial commitment and should be thoroughly tested before purchasing. As a seller of both new and used cranes as well as offering parts sales and installation services, we are a company highly recommended by some of South Africa’s most prestigious mining companies, engineering firms and of course the crane rental industry.

    Sales Email: quote@mobilecrane.co.za
    Spares Email: parts@mobilecrane.co.za
    Rental Email: hire@mobilecrane.co.za

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