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    Tadano Crane Spares

    Providing Tadano OEM spare parts for all models of Tadano mobile cranes, including legacy cranes using available New OEM spare parts or reconditioned spare parts from scrapped used cranes. The scrapped cranes may have been as a result of a bent boom or an aqccident that left the crane in a position where it is not economical to repair. These parts are removed and reconditioned as needed.

    It is crucial to regularly inspect and replace any worn or older parts to ensure the crane’s proper functioning and safety.

    Tadano spares pricing & Availability

    Tadano Mobile Crane Spares prices and availability are available by requesting a quote for spares by emailing us at quote@mobilecrane.co.za or using the quote request form on this page.

    To receive the correct Tadano spares pricing, please provide as much of the following information as possible. If you do not have all of the requirements below, let us help you get the information by sending an enquiry.

    Your name, company name, contact number and location of the crane/delivery address of the Tadano spare parts.

    1. Serial number of the crane:
    2. Make and model of the crane:
    3: Year of manufacture:
    4. Part numbers and description where possible:
    5. Description of problem/service required:

    In all cases, an experienced technician will be in contact to discuss the problem and provide a solution.

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    Tadano Mobile Crane Spares

    Tadano has a long history of manufacturing superior lifting equipment dating as far back as 1948. Tadano manufacture a wide range of all terrain and rough terrain mobile cranes, truck cranes, boom handlers and platforms for working at height to name just a few. The Tadano brand is synonymous with quality and versatility in the world of cranes, offering a variety of high-quality products and services.

    Tadano like every other crane requires regular maintenance to ensure that it functions properly and safely. When it comes to crane maintenance, Tadano OEM crane spare parts are essential to ensure the proper functioning and safety of the equipment. There are different types of Tadano crane spare parts, broken down into the following categories, all available in SA through Mobile Crane SA suppliers.

    Tadano Spares Categories

    Tadano Electrical Parts:

    Tadano crane electrical parts are essential for the proper functioning of the electrical system of the crane. These parts include starters, alternators, batteries, sensors, controllers, and wiring harnesses. These electrical parts are responsible for the proper operation of the crane’s hydraulic and mechanical systems.

    Tadano Hydraulic Parts:

    These parts include hydraulic pumps, cylinders, valves, filters, hoses, and fittings and are responsible for the movement of the crane’s booms, jibs, and other components. Regular testing and maintenance of hydraulic parts is paramount in preventing damage to the booms which are extremely costly to repair or replace.

    Tadano Mechanical Parts:

    Mechanical parts include the crane’s engine, transmission, brakes, and axles. These parts are responsible for the crane’s movement and control. Mechanical parts are critical for the crane’s overall performance and safety. Again, regular testing and replacement of worn or old parts on your Tadano mobile crane will ensure the many years of good service you demand from your crane.

    Tadano Structural Parts:

    Structural parts are essential for the overall integrity and stability of the crane. These parts include the crane’s booms, jibs, counterweights, and frames. Structural parts should be inspected regularly and replaced if any damage is found. It goes without saying that damage to the superstructure will render the crane unable to perform.

    Tadano Safety Parts:

    Safety parts are designed to ensure the safety of the crane operator and other personnel working in the area. These parts include safety valves, limit switches, emergency stop switches, and safety locks. Safety parts should be inspected regularly to ensure they are functioning correctly.

    Miscellaneous Parts:

    Miscellaneous parts include all other Tadano crane spare parts that are not classified in the above categories. These parts may include cabin parts, lamps, mirrors, and other components that contribute to the overall functionality of the crane.

    Many sites, particularly mines, government work sites and large construction sites will not allow a mobile crane on site without the required load tests, safety files and driver and operator certification. Operators should perform a standard safety check before any lift to ensure the overall safety of the Crane.


    Sales Email: quote@mobilecrane.co.za
    Spares Email: parts@mobilecrane.co.za
    Rental Email: hire@mobilecrane.co.za

    Telephone: 010 300 0107

    Whatsapp (all hrs): 084 076 4165