Rough Terrain Cranes

Rough Terrain Crane Hire

We offer excellent prices on rough terrain cranes for sale and rentals from rental fleets across South Africa.

Get a Crane Hire price which would include, slings, operator and insurance unless expressly noted otherwise.

Rough Terrain Cranes

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    Rough Terrain Crane hire offers easy maneuverability, quick set up times, and high ground clearance, which are important when operating in the tough conditions found on most African job sites. Our Rough terrain cranes are often seen on mines, engineering sites, industrial factories and building sites all over South Africa, East and West Africa.

    For a quote on Rough terrain crane hire please use the inquiry form above. We offer a complete range of mobile cranes for hire, please complete the form or send details of lift and location to

    Typical models range with lifting capacities from 27 tons to 145 tons with reaches ranging from 28 meters to 68 meters. Rough Terrain cranes are typically shipped to the job site on a lowbed trailer and therefore they are optimised in both weight and width for on-road truck transportation.

    As a leading distributor of Demag/Terex, Liebherr, and Tadano cranes, Mobile Crane South Africa offers a large number of Rough Terrain Cranes models for sale, new or used and for rental. If you need a 4×4 Crane truck, we can assist with that as well.

    MakeModelMax Capacity (tons)Max Boom Length (m)Max Jib Length (m)Max Tip Height (m)
    TadanoGR-130EX | GR-150XL13.623.85.530
    Demag/TerexRT 23027.228.613.143
    Demag/TerexRT 230 XL27.230.513.144.8
    TadanoGR-300EX | GR-350XL31.83112.844
    Demag/TerexRT 353530.1840.5
    Demag/TerexRT 454531.11433
    Demag/TerexRT 45 L4537.4839.5
    Demag/TerexRT 55550.133.610.134.8
    TadanoGR-500EXL | GR-550XLL514212.756
    Demag/TerexA 6006032.42035.3
    Demag/TerexRC 606040.01542.5
    Demag/TerexRT 67063.733.917.435.1
    Demag/TerexQuadstar 10656532.42035
    Demag/TerexRT 78072.638.417.440.8
    Demag/TerexQuadstar 107575342037
    Demag/TerexQuadstar 1075 L7542.11443
    LiebherrLRT 1090-2.190471966
    Demag/TerexRT 100905315.155.8
    Demag/TerexQuadstar 110099.847.28.850
    LiebherrLRT 1100-2.1100501969
    TadanoGR-1100EX | GR-1200XT1105617.773.6
    Demag/TerexRT 130118.347.221.650
    TadanoGR-1450EX | GR-1600XT145611878.4