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Broderson IC-250 18 Ton Boom Crane

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    18 Ton Boom Crane

    21m Boom with 8 Ton carry deck capacity

    We would venture to say that every construction site should have a Pick and Carry IC 250. This mini crane  with carry deck is about as versatile a crane as one could hope to have.

    It will do the job of a crane truck, a telehandler and has a jib for those lighter loads that need to go up high.

    Lift and carry cranes are compact low-profile cranes that can clear overhead obstacles and manoeuvre in tight spaces, the versatile Broderson IC-250 is ideal for many industrial and maintenance applications. Precise control and heavy-duty design to pick and carry large or massive loads, coupled with the steering flexibility to manoeuvre in tight spaces, will provide you with years of versatile operating performance.

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    IC-250 Quick Specs
    Max Capacity16.33 tons
    Max Boom Length21.4 m
    Max Jib Length6.1 m
    Max Tip Height24.23 m
    Cargo Deck Area7.4 m
    Cargo Deck Max Capacity7.7 tons
    Overall Length7.09
    Overall Width2.39 m
    Overall Height2.41 m
    Gross Vehicle Weight17.1 tons
    Max Travel Speed18 km/h
    Max Engine Power89 - 101 KW

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