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Broderson IC-80 Boom Crane

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    8 Ton Pick and Carry mini crane

    4 wheel steering, 12m boom

    This 8 ton pick and carry boom crane is tough, versatile and reliable. The operators rate the simple controls as the most important factor on the Broderson mini cranes.

    The Broderson IC-80 has become the most popular compact pick and carry boom crane in the industry due to it’s lift capacity, reach and reliability. Well serviced in South Africa, so Broderson Parts are not an issue.

    These pick and carry boom cranes are adaptable for a wide variety of industrial and maintenance applications, the IC-80 is an ideal industrial boom crane for your heavy lifting in constrained environments.

    Take a look at all of the pick and carry boom cranes in the Broderson range.

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    IC-80 Quick Specs
    Max Capacity8.165 tons
    Max Boom Length12.1 m
    Max Jib Length3 m
    Max Tip Height14.2 m
    Cargo Deck Area5 m2
    Cargo Deck Max Capacity6.35 tons
    Overall Length4.8 m
    Overall Width2 m
    Overall Height2.2 m
    Gross Vehicle Weight7.6 tons
    Max Travel Speed35 km/h
    Max Engine Power55 KW

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