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Tadano AC 8.500 Mobile Crane

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    500 Ton Mobile Crane

    Tadano AC 8.500 – 500 Ton mobile crane

    “Compact” is not what you expect to read about an 8 axle 500 ton mobile crane! Tadano’s new generation mobile cranes are anything but the usual… The 500 ton Tadano 8.500 has the versatility, maneuverability and simple operability putting it into a category of it’s own. Operator comfort, visbility and control of all  lifting and hydraulic parts are top of mind in the design.

    The latest in lifting and safety technology leave nothing to chance, enabling the operator to take maximum advantage of the cranes cababilities safely.

    Tadano has incredible Backup Service in South Africa, around the World and equipment reliability. Call us and let us help you through the decision making process. We are here to help and have sales and technical support ready and able to assist with any of your queries.

    Take a look at the load charts below and let us know if we can offer any further advice or recommendations.

    Tadano offers reliability, service and flexibility, supporting Tadano cranes throughout Africa with OEM Tadano crane parts and on-site service and maintenance.

    View Tadano Used Cranes for sale or request a quote for a new one.

    We have crane rental stock as well as used cranes for sale. If you need to rent a crane, contact our partner at Crane Hire SA.

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    AC-8.500-1 Quick Specs
    Max Capacity500 tons
    Max Boom Length56 m
    Max Jib Length90 m
    Max Tip Height144 m
    Overall Length19,3
    Overall Width3.10 m
    Overall Height4.0 m
    Gross Vehicle Weight-
    Max Travel Speed80 km/h
    Max Engine Power460 KW

    Load Charts