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Tadano GR-1000XL Rough Terrain

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    100 Ton Rough Terrain Crane

    A 100 Ton mobile crane that meets your needs

    These 100 ton cranes from Tadano have been flagship cranes for many a fleet. The Environmental impact of the cranes, as well as safety, lifting capacity and boom weight have been important features of these 100 ton rough terrain cranes.

    Tadano are leaders in design and innovation of rough terrain cranes, and this 100 ton crane is no exception. It has advanced fuel monitoring features, a lightweight 5 section boom, 2 winches with cable follower and carries it’s own jib. These features and the availability of Maintenance kits, spare parts and on site servicing in South Africa have seen the Tadano brand grow from strength to strength.

    Operators love the new cabs and screens that display consumption stats, lifting capacity numbers and advanced safety features.

    Compare the load charts below to the Quadstart 100 Ton Rough Terrain Crane

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    GR-1000XL Quick Specs
    Max Capacity90.7 tons
    Max Boom Length47 m
    Max Jib Length17.7 m
    Max Tip Height64.4 m
    Overall Length14,38 m
    Overall Width3.32 m
    Overall Height3.8 m
    Gross Vehicle Weight51.6 tons
    Max Travel Speed36 km/h
    Max Engine Power200 KW

    Load Charts