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Terex RT 100 Rough Terrain Crane

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    100 Ton Rough Terrain Crane

    mobile crane for your business

    In this class, the Terex RT 100 is a reliable heavy lifter that has everything that a rental fleet owner or a customer needs. The safety, reliability, ease of use and maintenance are legendary in the industry.

    The last thing a site manager needs in a remote area or on a site that requires heavy lifters that perform 24 hours a day, is a crane that needs attention. This a a reliable, operator friendly crane that will get the job done.

    Terex has pioneered safety and reliability features and have some of the highest spec rough terrain cranes available on the market. Award winners for fleet operators.

    See a complete range of rough terrain cranes available for rental or sale

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    RT-100 Quick Specs
    Max Capacity90 tons
    Max Boom Length53 m
    Max Jib Length15.1 m
    Max Tip Height55.8 m
    Overall Length13.85 m
    Overall Width3.3 m
    Overall Height3.95 m
    Gross Vehicle Weight58.25 tons
    Max Travel Speed30 km/h
    Max Engine Power194 KW

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