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Terex RT 130 Rough Terrain Crane

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    130 Ton Mobile Crane

    Rough Terrain heavy lifter 47m telescopic boom

    These RT130’s have formed the backbone of many a rough terrain crane fleet and will do for years to come. These are highly manoueverable heavy lifters that can work in the most extreme situations.

    The reputation of Terex rough terrain cranes has long been established as reliable, low cost cranes. The new Demag Terex Cranes being manufactured today, are fashioned on these reliable mobile cranes.

    As incredibly talented innovators in the craning and lifting space, Demag Terex will only improve on the reliability, eco friendliness and safety of these already incredible rough terrain cranes.

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    RT-130 Quick Specs
    Max Capacity118.3 tons
    Max Boom Length47.2 m
    Max Jib Length21.6 m
    Max Tip Height50 m
    Overall Length15.24 m
    Overall Width3.58 m
    Overall Height4.01 m
    Gross Vehicle Weight49.01 tons
    Max Travel Speed33 km/h
    Max Engine Power239 KW

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