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    100 Ton All Terrain crane

    Demag / Terex AC 100 mobile crane

    The Demag AC 100-4 All Terrain Crane is the mobile crane you need on sites that have limited power supplies and limited space. This is amongst the most compact cranes in it’s class with a width of only  2.55mThe 100 ton capacity and 50 m hydraulic boom which can be extended to up to 74m maximum with fly jib.

    The extremely low noise and emission rating of this 100 ton moble all terrain crane makes it an ideal crane for city/urban areas where noiuse and emissions have the most negative impact.

    100 Ton mobile crane class is extremely competitive from all crane brands and the Demag Terex AC 100 is up there with the best of the best in 100 ton all terrain cranes.

    Legacy Demag cranes are serviced and parts are available through our suppliers in South Africa. Terex is a Brand associated with reliability, excellent service and availability of technicians to assist with maintenance and support.

    Legacy Mobile crane parts are available as both new parts and reconditioned crane parts.

    If you need to hire a mobile crane, we can assist and will be handled same day.

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    AC-100/4 Quick Specs
    Max Capacity100 tons
    Max Boom Length50 m
    Max Jib Length19 m
    Max Tip Height74 m
    Overall Length13.27 m
    Overall Width2.75 m
    Overall Height3.99 m
    Gross Vehicle Weight48 tons
    Max Travel Speed85 km/h
    Max Engine Power340 KW

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