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    100 Ton All Terrain Crane

    Terex All terrain cranes

    The Terex AC 100 All Terrain Crane is a powerful workhorse that comes with a 100 ton max lift capacity, 50 m max lift crane boom length, and a 33 m max jib length. It comes standard with a 12.7 ton counterweight, which is carried on the crane, giving it a 10.8 ton axle load.

    100 Ton mobile cranes are very versatile with varing lift capacities depending on the counter weight structure. These are often used in Tandem lifts or very complext lifts where the margin for error is next to nothing. A 100 Ton all terrain crane is ideal for companies and sites that require an easy to prepare, one man operation.

    A 100 Ton All Terrain like the Terex AC 100 won’t let you down. Get a 100 Ton mobile crane quote by completing the form or dropping us a mail. Our riggers are ready willing and able to assist with your 100 Ton mobile crane rental requirements. View the 100 Ton all terrain Terex AC100-4

    Terex is very well represented in South Africa with on-site servicing and maintenance available throughout Africa. Spares can be delivered anywhere in Africa through our network of suppliers.

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    AC-100 Quick Specs
    Max Capacity100 tons
    Max Boom Length50 m
    Max Jib Length17 m
    Max Tip Height83.2 m
    Overall Length14.04 m
    Overall Width2.75 m
    Overall Height3.94 m
    Gross Vehicle Weight48 tons
    Max Travel Speed85 km/h
    Max Engine Power129 KW

    Load Charts